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Lotto Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2019
Lotto Jackpot: £25,000.00
Winning Numbers:
Five Ball Winners: £250.00
Mary Muldoon, Polfore
Four Ball Winners: £10.00
William Mc Gale (OL)
Brendan Mc Aleer Aughlish (OL)
Kathleen Mc Cann
Dolores Mc Aleer
James Cassidy
Brendan Mc Laughlin Doughrock
Anthony Colton (Snr)
Cathy Collins
Ned Harper
M Cunningham, The Forge
Eugene Mc Nulty
Cecil Moore
Kathleen Mc Menamin
The 3 Biscuiteers, The Forge
Jackie Sheridan
Theresa Mc Carney
Gelaldine King Ederney
Brian & Shelly Teds