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Lotto Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2019
Lotto Jackpot: £25,000.00
Winning Numbers:
Five Ball Winners: £250.00
Four Ball Winners: £10.00
Donal Slevin
John Mc Goldrick (OL)
Lisa Kelly (OL)
Conor Teague
Grainne Teague
Louis Mc Aleer
Leona Mc Cusker
Caroline Mc Carron
Ann Slevin
Eleanor Large
Susan Mc Govern
Pauline Gallogly
Sean Gallogly
Aiden Mc Gale, Muldoon Park
Rozella Kelly
G Mc Donagh, Meadowcroft
Laurence Mc Cusker
Benny Healy
Anna Mc Laughlin
The 3 Biscuiteers, The Forge
Monthly Draw Winners: £50.00
Deirdre Kearney, Dromore